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​During the Home Inspection, we are searching for major or hidden damages or safety issues. The home inspectors do not test for lead paint, mold or asbestos, however they are trained to identify “characteristics” of these substances. Further testing should be done by companies to fully identify these substances.

Safety Concerns are our top priority when inspecting any home, child safety being the number one safety concern. Hazardous conditions can be anything from possible mold to stored combustibles in the home.

Major deficiencies are items or systems in need of immediate repair or replacement (ie. Roof leaks, wood rot, wood boring insects, etc). We spend little time inspecting and reporting obvious cosmetic damage so that we can better utilize the time we have on thoroughly inspecting common problem areas of a home.

During the home inspection and in the report, we may recommend devices or systems that may reduce maintenance or repairs.

Well water testing is common service added to a home inspection and some home loan programs require it.  At the home inspection the inspector will inform you of the type (dug or drilled) of well and the overall condition.  

​​Some loan programs require a "flow" test on dug or shallow wells.  This type of testing is not part of the home inspection and should only be performed by a qualified well company.

All of our water testing is processed through ​Nelson Analytical Lab water testing.  These test can range from basic drink ability to staining or hardness and can be explained in detail when you schedule an appointment.

Water testing on homes with a municipal water supply is less common and is not required by some loan programs since the town/city is required to treat the water for drink ability, also these counties are required to test the water regularly and these results are public record.

​Radon Air testing has become more popular today due recent studies linking radon gas exposure to lung cancer.  Our Radon Air testing  is also processed through Nelson Analytical Lab.

Radon is a gas produced by decaying Uranium in Granite.  These gases may leak into the basement through crack in the floor.  Radon gas is not like smoke of carbon monoxide and is only harmful after years of exposure.  If your test results are below the EPA standard, it is good practice to test your home every year to monitor any changes.

Since Radon Air Mitigation Systems installation can vary between $1200-$1500 it is a good idea to test before you buy.

When buying a home with a private septic system, it highly recommended to have the system inspected by a licensed professional.​

Upon request, we can schedule an inspection for you through Kent Clean Septic.  To eliminate any conflict of interest and for the most honest inspection, this company does not install systems.

If your home does not have a septic system, than a camera inspection would be recommended.  Many homeowners do not realize (until it is too late) that they own the sewer drain pipe from the home to the street.  Depending on age these pipes could be damaged or partially blocked.  Any repairs or replacement of this pipe can be costly since it may require disturbing the street or sidewalk.

When scheduling an appointment, inform our office of what type of system your home has and what loan program you are enrolled in (FHA, VA, RD).